“… elements to which worship must always be responsive and the implications of those elements for our time and context.”

Howard G. Hageman, Pulpit and Table, 1962

If I were to write a book (ha), it would be about the liturgics in today’s worship, in that it would address the elemental fallacies (theological, biblical, liturgical, and sociological) I can no longer tolerate — and find toxic — in worship and liturgy.

I can no longer attend worship, for I become enraged, despondent, and alienated from those around me.

Inmaculada Concepción

Inmaculada Concepción

Topics to be Deconstructed:

Mary, the mother of Jesus as a virgin;

the Immaculate Conception;

creedal histories and their literal interpretation;

Jesus was a Christian;

the four canonized gospels as central to a Christian liturgy;

the Christianizing of Hebrew Scriptures, especially the Psalms;

the meanings of “Lord” and “Master” in NTer vs. OTer;

OTer vs Hebrew Scriptures;

the Apocrypha;

“the words Jesus taught us to pray…”;

the “Lord’s” Prayer;

the Doxology;

the lack of a biblical basis for the Trinity;

who is Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus, the Christ;

Jesus raised himself from the tomb;

Jesus died to save us from our sins (sacrificial atonement in prayer and Sacrament)

eternal life is heaven after death;

the hermeneutic of the “Second Coming“;

the dualism adopted from the Greek world;

the Omni-God from the Greek world;

the human condition is sinful, i.e., not pleasing to God;

God is a human being and has chromosomes.

Christ as the male Good Shepherd

Christ as the male Good Shepherd