I needed a mat for framing a 16×20 photograph for an art exhibit. I had purchased a frame from Target, trying cheaply to frame my photograph. I called Joe of J.B. Picture Framing Studio to see if he could make a mat for me as I waited. Joe was very agreeable. I brought in my photograph and frame from Target to Joe. He asked me how much I paid for the frame. He told me that for a few dollars more he would frame it for me professionally. I jumped at the change to have a professionally framed photograph at that price. I watched Joe meticulously make the mat, cut the foam board, slice the glass, and make the wood frame. He’s a perfectionist! He framed and matted the photograph before my eyes, turning my photograph into a stellar piece of art (more a comment about Joe’s framing skills) ready to hang. The Target frame never could have made my work so presentable. Joe’s frame made my photograph better by his framing. He is a skilled master at the art of framing, at prices that are remarkably affordable. Furthermore, he asks the right questions, makes suggestions, but never demeans your framing preferences. Below is a poor photograph of the finished work. (Sorry for the uneven lighting on the glass. The glass, by the way, by my choice, is not museum quality.)