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another gasp at my privilege

During a day with a heat index of 118 degrees F., the main water supply to my home was cut off for eight hours due to road construction. I moaned and groaned about it. I had to make lots of ice in the preceding days, store as much cool water as I could in the refrigerator, and lug up a large plastic container of water I had stored in the basement for years “in case of emergency.” Such were my trails and tribulations.

That morning, I woke up to a story on the radio about the drought and famine in Somalia. The story spoke of a woman who, everyday, walked miles to a dry river bed, dug and dug until she found some water for her family, and then lugged the distasteful water back home in order to survive. I gasped at my spoiled privilege that had me complaining about losing water from my faucets for only eight hours.

Where is the justice is this disparity? None. I’m at a loss on how to bring about justice in this world. I have worked for peace and justice my whole life, but so little have I been able to impact. My efforts of justice have impacted my little world — feminism, LGBTQUII, Interfaith dialogue; but only by supporting groups like Amnesty International, NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, the “Negro” College Fund, Human Rights WatchSpecial Olympics ….. well, I spill out money to appease my helplessness.

I am empty inside when I hear these stories of desperation. My heart breaks each time. Sometimes I feel my heart is now only fragments gathered with more broken fragments. “How long, O G-d, how long?”

Where is your salvation, your justice for this earth, Now?

We’re listening.

Better Left Unsaid (Lyrics) – Sean Ryan aka Skye Galaxy

A newly arrived Somali refugee boy tries to drink from a cup as he waits in line with his mother at a refugee reception center at Hagadera camp, one of three refugee camps that make up sprawling Dadaab refugee complex in Dadaab town, northeastern Kenya, on Sept. 5. (Dai Kurokawa / EPA) Click here. And here for today’s suffering.



I would like to meet Her someday soon.

I do believe in more than me.

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