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So why not the Church?


Eternal life is about quality of life, not about an endless quantity of time.

Eternal life is Now: living a quality of life that is faithful to G-d‘s vision for humanity and creation. It is not about some “heaven” we may or may not enter after death.

This distortion of Eternal Life has led to a theology that embraces justification by works or confession of faith. That is, life’s solo purpose is to do and say the correct confession of faith in order to enter heaven, as if there were one “up in the sky” and a hell  “below us.” (Archaic cosmology!) 

Eternity is quality, not quantity; not heaven or hell, but Now. Living in the moment, knowing God’s call from a realized future so we may live without fear or division, anger or grief overwhelming us today.

This moment. Now. This is eternal life, the Eternal Now (Paul Tillich).