We know, “historically,” that Jesus of Nazareth was biologically male.

(I wonder at times if the first Messiah were a woman, but no one would listen to Her.)

Theologically, according to the creeds and the doctrine of the trinity, Jesus was raised from the dead by G-d to “sit on the right hand of G-d” (as doctrine reads). If G-d is not a human being, G-d is beyond gender. If, as doctrine reads, again), Jesus of Nazareth became the Christ, the second person of the trinity, i.e., G-d, than Christ cannot be a ‘he’. Jesus was a ‘he’. Christ as G-d is not gendered.

We can refer to G-d as ‘She’ at times, for equal opportunity reasons. But we have never referred to Christ as ‘She’, only as ‘He’. (Except for musician Bobby Mcferrin who refers to Christ as “Daughter” in The 23rd Psalm.)

So, must we genderize Christ in our worship and liturgy?

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