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“… elements to which worship must always be responsive and the implications of those elements for our time and context.”

Howard G. Hageman, Pulpit and Table, 1962

This blog is about today’s liturgics, in that it seeks to address the elemental fallacies (theological, biblical, liturgical, and sociological) I can no longer tolerate

— and find toxic —

in worship and liturgy.

I can no longer attend worship, for I become enraged, despondent, and alienated from those around me.

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Inmaculada Concepción

 Inmaculada ConcepciónJuan Antonio de Frías y Escalante. Museo de Bellas Artes de Córdoba. ca. 1667

Topics to be Deconstructed:

Mary, the mother of Jesus as a virgin;

the Immaculate Conception;

creedal histories and their literal interpretation;

Jesus was a Christian;

the four canonized gospels as central to a Christian liturgy;

the Christianizing of Hebrew Scriptures, especially the Psalms;

the meanings of “Lord” and “Master” in NTer vs. OTer;

OTer vs Hebrew Scriptures;

the Apocrypha;

“the words Jesus taught us to pray…”;

the “Lord’s” Prayer;

the Doxology;

the lack of a biblical basis for the Trinity;

who is Jesus of Nazareth, and who is Jesus, the gendered, racialized Christ;

Jesus raised himself from the tomb;

Jesus died to save us from our sins (sacrificial atonement in prayer and Sacrament)

eternal life is heaven after death;

the hermeneutic of the “Second Coming“;

the dualism adopted from the Greek world;

the Omni-G-d from the Greek world;

the human condition is sinful, i.e., not pleasing to G-d;

G-d is a human being and has chromosomes.

Christ as the male Good Shepherd

Christ as the male Good Shepherd